We have been asked from many of our supporters this question: Question: Where does all the donations of hay and other animal feed go and why do you need more?
Answer: The shelter is but a central drop point for donations of hay, feed and other supplies. Of course we need feed for the animals still at the shelter but there are animals registered with us throughout our community that we supply with hay and other feed. There are others not registered with us but in the care of people who have opened up their pastures and homes to the evacuees. Anyone who is registered as an evacuee with ESS can come to the shelter for animal supplies. Anyone who has evacuated animals on their property that are not registered with us but their owners are registered with ESS can come to our shelter for supplies. If we have it we supply it to those who need it as simple as that.
This fire season is far from over and we know that more animals will require our services. Even when evacuees are allowed to return to their homes and communities they will/may need help. Part of our mission is to mitigate the impact of disasters on animals and we take this seriously.
Have a Pet. Have a Plan