Each dog should have it’s own Emergency Kit and supplies.

You will need the following:
1. Dog Carrier (for small breeds) or Folding Kennel
2. Collar (spare)

3. Leash (never leave your dog unleashed during an evacuation no matter how well trained they are)

4. Chain for outside run (temporary)

5. Food

6. Water

7. Two dishes

8. Blanket/towel for bed

9. Favorite toy if he/she has one.

10. Garbage bag and poop bags.

11. A resealable sandwich bag with the following inside: A picture of your dog (with you preferably) show his face and markings. An index card with Dogs name, Date of birth, breed, color and all identifiable markings, sex, spayed neutered, Medical issues, last date of vaccinations, worming, Vets name, address and phone number, Owners name and all phone numbers. Special handling and care instructions ie: does he/she bite, outside dog only, dog aggressive etc. And the name address and phone number of the person/clinic/shelter where your dog is to go if someone other than you are doing the evacuation.
Remember to update the information and change out the food and water twice a year.