Each cat should have it’s own Emergency Kit and supplies.

You will need the following:
1. Cat Carrier – labelled in permanent ink with your name, address and telephone #.

2 – small litter box.

3- bag of litter

4- Towel to line carrier

5- Cat harness/collar and leash.

6- Bottle of water.

7- Two cat dishes.

8- Can of cat food with a pull tab lid.

9- Kitchen garbage bag.

10- Reuseable sandwich bag containing a picture of your cat ( preferably with you) and an index card with the following information: Cat’s name, date of birth, breed, color, identifiable markings, sex, neutered or spayed, last date of vaccination and worming, Special diet, indoor or outdoor cat, any special handling/care instructions, owners name and all phone #’s, Vets name, address and phone #, and very important emergency evacuation information on where your cat is to be taken if someone other than you will be doing the transport. This information should include the name of the person/clinic/shelter, the address and phone number.
All of the above plus your cat must fit into the carrier for transport.
Remember to change food and water supplies and update your cats information twice a year.