The people and the business’ are so supportive of what Pet Safe Coalition does it is overwhelming. From the donations of items we put out on our Wish List, the extra smiles, hugs and thank yous we receive, the cash donations both big and small, the various events put on just to help us make it possible to help the evacuated animals and others affected by these fires, to the loaning of supplies and equipment needed to operate the shelter. To name everyone would be impossible for I would surely miss someone so I will just say OUR Community and the People who call it home are the best and you are what makes us Strong and resilient. To the out of town and out of province people and business’ who have jump on board to help us win this battle with your donations of feed, hay, and cash, we so appreciate you and your support also. With out your input our community would find it difficult to keep up with our needs. You lessen the burden. So my wish is that we can continue helping each other, support each other, and we know that this is not over yet but we as a whole are making a difference. Have a Pet. Have a Plan.