Yesterday was a long and hot day! Volunteers started arriving at the shelter at 8 am. We worked with a “skelton crew” as people have to get back to their regular lives which is always the case for long term deployments.
Our small but mighty crew slowly worked through daily routine, battling the heat and making sure the animals in our care get he best care, as that is our sole purpose.
On rounds we noticed that some of the horses looked like they could use a cool down so we put the call out for a horse savy person to help sponge them down. Thank you Laura (sorry I probably got it wrong) for quickly responding and to Tracy and Ken for answering the call.
Some animals have been able to go home with their people but as the new evacuation orders have kept our number count fairly stable.
In the afternoon we got the call that Nazko village was on evacuation order and they were coming in by Bus and unable to bring animals with them, so off our team went adding 10 new animals to our shelter.
We got everyone settled for the night and we dragged our tired selves home after midnight. Back at it again today ready for the 8 am chores!

Photo by Holly Demerchant