At this time we are accepting cash donations either through email money transfer to or PayPal using  the link below.




More info coming soon.

If you complete this form you are registering as a volunteer with Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada and will receive access to our online training program. Completing this form does not guarantee you will be asked to volunteer during a disaster. Volunteers who have completed a recognized training course will be deployed first and if additional convergent volunteers are needed, pre-registered volunteers will then be considered first.

Click to fill in the Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada Volunteer Registration Form 




More info coming soon.

Click to download the Foster Parent Application Form

The following is our wish list of items that you can donate as well:


  • Multi-read universal chip reader
  • Staples Gift cards (for printing)
  • Handheld radios
  • Hog livestock panels
  • Gas Cards
  • Dog & Cat Kennels
  • Generator


Special thanks to Crooked Leg Ranch, T&L Designs, and Marketing Divas for their ongoing support.