People ask how many hours did PSCS work during the disaster. Well considering that some of the hours were never documented for reasons beyond our control I can only give an estimate of the total hours. For the volunteers who did keep records the hours totaled at 4649.13 hours. For the co-ordinators and the team leaders the hours estimated to be 3,408.0. So we do know that many came and put in a few hours here and there where and whenever they could and there are no time sheets of these hours. There are also all the hours that were never recorded for Security, animal hauling, doing jobs at home such as the shelter laundry, building pens, preparing volunteer meals, vet and equipment/supply runs. So many undocumented hours. So if the documented hours = 8,057.13 then I believe with the undocumented hours estimated at another 3,000+ hours it would be safe to say that there was well over 10,000 volunteer hours dedicated to keeping all of the animals in our care, healthy happy and safe. Kudos to everyone whether it was for half an hour, 8 hours or more you made it work.

So if you do the math and everyone was paid $11.00 per hour (which you were all worth so much more) the estimate bill for wages would have been $121,628.43