*Post curtesy of the Victoria Humane Society

Another Fire Story

Another story of animals we are helping with Pet Safe Coalition Society of CanadaAs the fires continue to rage in this province, animals continue to need our help!

Gramma’s Story:
“Gramma came to Pet Safe in mid July from the Meldrum Fire. She is a beautiful older cat that has a special spot in her owners heart. For years this monarch of the barn would take over the care of any and all of the kittens born there. She was pregnant and close to her due date when she arrived at our shelter so we immediately got her vet checked to make sure she was doing okay. The stress of being moved and put into the shelter was too much for her and she went into early labor. She was experiencing difficulty so off to the vet and after an emergency C-section, sadly only one kitten survived. Gramma was spay while she was under and after the birth. She is still in our care and doing well in a foster home raising her last baby. She will go home once the alert is lifted in her area and her home is safe. She is the only animal that the owner entrusted into our care and it was a hard decision for her to make. They brought out 6 horses, 4 cats and 6 hounds when they evacuated. We may have supplied a place for them to stay but she took over the total care of them all. She paid for everything that was needed to feed and care for them. We knew the hardship both financially and emotionally this was for the owners and we felt that taking over the care and expense for Gramma was the best way to help. She is indeed a special lady.