If ordered to evacuate

1. Follow instructions from authorities.

2. Take your emergency kit, plan, medications, wallet, identification and and cell phone.

3. Shut off water, electricity, and gas if instructed to do so.

4. Notify your out of town contact and leave a note inside indicating when you left and where you are going (if time permits).

5. Lock your home.

6. Use specified routes and pay attention to information on road closures. Stay off any identified “disaster response routes” which are for emergency responders only.

6. Do not cross a flooded area by foot or in a vehicle. If your vehicle stalls in fast-rising waters, abandon it.

7. Register with a local reception centre in person or by phone.

8. Do not return home until authorities advise it is safe.
Now that you know the basic 1,2,3 steps you need to make a your plan.