Yesterday was yet another full day for the shelter and for the volunteers who give effortlessly their time and support. Trucks loaded with hay went out to feed horses and other livestock fostered throughout the community. Two kittens found a foster home so no more shelter life for them. 3 sheep and 3 alphcas received some hoof care. Some unruly and not so grateful roosters were caught and contained in seperate pens so they could no longer attack the unexpecting volunteers trying to feed and clean their coops. Two larger pens were constructed to give 2 sets of momma goats and their kids more room and a better view on life. Three other goats got to go home to a very happy owner while arrangements were being made to haul some of our other charges home as well. All in all things looked to be going fairly well and progress was being made to reunite animals and owners where feasible, fosters were found for some who were still displaced and will be for some time, plus extra time was available to improve and expand some of the shelter pens, and do some little extra one on one care for others. Then we are asked to make room for four more cats. These ones were not the healthy owned animals that we are normally asked to shelter but ones taken out of harms way with no owners. So off to the Vet we go to get the much needed medical attention these animals need and deserve. Isolated in a comfortable enclosure under medical care we will do our best to make sure they all have the best chance to regain their health. They will get the medication they need daily as well as good food and lots of fresh water along with some special one on one time. When I left the shelter in the capable hands of the next shift I left knowing that today was a good day. Today we continued to make a difference.