All the animals have been returned home except 3 young goat kids that will be picked up from their Foster on Sat. The shelter, now a ghost town where there was happy animal sounds and faces to sad empty kennels. They will all be missed by all the volunteers who took time out of their busy lives to care for them while they were evacuated from their homes.
Many years ago, I learnt from a very smart women and her team of legendary disaster response volunteers that you can create a safe haven anywhere and with pretty much anything for animals affected by disaster. Where there is a need there is a way, and the Pet Safe team do just that.
We have been fortune to be able to use the Fur & Feather Barns at the Alex Fraser Park to set up an emergency animal shelter on three different occasions for different disaster events. The buildings are older with dirt floors, mice infested, and leaky roofs that can be challenging but do give shelter from the elements. There are no inside doors to close off areas, There are no clean areas for isolation, medical treatment or post op kennels. There is no food preparation/storage area for the animals that isn’t over run by mice. There is no way to clean or sterilize equipment. No hot water but there is cold water. No Wi-fi but there is old fashion paperwork. The electrical is sketchy but there are lights. With these challenges I say bring it on!! We can and we will create a safe haven for those who need us.
We have plans to improve but still stay mobile. Our first goal is to purchase a mobile office that will house all of our paper work, electronics etc. as well as contain a room that can be used as a clean and sterile isolation, treatment or post-op area. Exciting!
I have taken pictures of the shelter as it stands today so everyone can see and understand how lucky we are to have this and also see why we so need to improve it. Thank you to the Alex Fraser Park Society, The City of Quesnel and The Cariboo Regional District for acknowledging that animals are part of the families affected by disaster and emergencies and they need the same kind of services given to their humans. They have made it possible for Pet Safe to be there and to care for the animals and we hope to continue working as a partner for years to come.