Started at 05:45 when the first dog showed up for intake. Then an emergency vet call to attend to a horse who got kicked by her stable mate. Stitches and a drain and 24/7 monitoring she is confined and doing well. Another dog to intake. A farrier call. A couple of cats get to go home with their excited humans. A quiet moment to get a bottle of water and 7 more sweet goats come in for care. Evacuees come to get food for their animals and have a chat on how things are going with them. Just going to sit for lunch and the load of hay arrives. Lol looks like a long day but with wonderful reinforcements the job gets done. Meanwhile another farrier call. A few visits from people to spend time with their animals and all seems to be right again. It is 27 degrees out so we take our time with the evening chores making sure everyone is properly cooled off and tended to. 8 o’clock and we think we can go home now knowing that all the animals are comfy and happy. New shift has arrived but wait a call from the horse pens about a horse acting “weird”. Yup another vet call. The heat and stress for one old girl has been too much and early signs of colic are evident. We stay till all is well and she is resting comfortably and will also be monitored overnight. We felt the need to increase our already 24/7 security overnight with more people arriving to camp out in the green space at the park. Sleep comes easier tonight. Thank you to everyone from volunteers to the Vets and their staff, the farriers and to everyone who helped this day end on a positive note.